Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm sitting here with my family watching the University of Wyoming play football at BYU.

I have done my duty as a loyal UW graduate and taught my children that BYU stands for Bite Your Underwear.

My oldest daugher just asked me why do you hate BYU so much Daddy.

The best answer I could give her was there is on 9:21 left in the game. BYU is up 41 to 0 and their starting quarterback and his favorite receiver, their tight end Harlene are both still in the game and trying to run the score up. Which they just suceeded in doing. So the score is 48-0.

Actually my hatred of BYU stems from my years at Wyoming in the late 70s. It seemed like every school in the Western Athletic Conference had a rivalry going with BYU. Most years football and basketball conference titles came down to BYU vs Someone Else with BYU winning a lot of those games. They have good sports programs and therefore tend to inspire hatred in the schools that lose to them.

Well, BYU's special teams just scored to make it 55-0.

Karsten Sween Wyoming's starting QB is a local boy. He graduated from Burroughs High School two years ago. His starting at Wyoming means that the local paper has covered the Wyoming games a lot more than usual. Which means they at least get mentioned. This last offensive series they took Karsten out of the game to protect him and put the back up in. Third play, Wyoming uncorks an 81 yard run to finally get Wyoming on the board.

Game over. Bite Your Underwear 55 - Wyoming 7

My dear wife asked if I was upset. Not really. I'm a Wyoming fan I've gotten used to my team falling apart late in the season. But it does stink that they had to get torn apart by BYU and on national television. But there are certain truths for Wyoming football - you can end the season 2-10 as long as those two wins are against BYU and CSU it was a good year.


Anonymous said...

I just ran arcoss your blog and read your story on the BYU game... Shame on you... As a grad from BYU I had to laugh, because I thought that WYO was going to stomp us... Well no matter Go Cowboys!

just a friend from BYU


David said...

What am I supposed to be ashamed of? My team losing 55-7 or letting my kids watch my team lose 55-7?

Maybe it was teahing them that BYU stands for Bite Your Underwear?

A couple weeks ago I told them that CSU stands for Cold Stinky Underwear which is what you get if you live in Colorado.

Hey, BYU played a great game and I hope they end up in a good bowl game. I will probably actually cheer for them. Conference loyalty and all that stuff you know. Or maybe just because it's fun yelling GO BITE YOUR UNDERWEAR at the television.

Anonymous said...

As a devout SDSU fan, and a fellow implanted Ridgecrestian, I live by the credo : BOO BYU!

I've lurked your blog for many months, and just had to say something on this one!! *grins*

The only time I root for BYU, they're playing Notre Dame or USC!!

GO SDSU! GO MWC! (Not BYU!) GO WAC! (Except Boise State, but don't tell my husband that....)

Thank you for the wonderful peak into your life, and for a way to cope with living in the middle of nowhere! =)


David said...

Welcome to Ridgecrest.

Good luck getting out again. I showed up here 21 years ago planning on staying less than three years. That was a wife, two houses and three kids ago. Now I think I'm going to die here. Not that I'm looking forward to that though.

I'm not allowed to cheer against Notre Dame. My wife is Irish Catholic. I do so, but very quietly. I will cheer for BYU if they are in a national broadcast game and aren't playing against another MWC team. I want to see the Mountain West improve as a conference and will support any of the teams that can improve the conference. Mostly I don't pay much attention to college ball unless Wyoming is playing. My dear wife however is a huge college ball fan, she will watch any two teams play.

Me, I'm a Bears, Dolphins and Broncos fan. Those three plus any team that is playing the Cowboys, Raiders or Ravens.