Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Children

I guess I should introduce my children. Since I'll probably be talking about them a lot here.

19 years ago I was fortunate enough to marry the most beautiful woman ever - My dear wife. After three years of wedded bliss we decided to add a little spice into our lives. So we had a child. We planned, prepared, studied and did everything we could to get ready to be parents. We didn't have a clue.

Our first child was born just before Halloween. This should have been a foreshadowing of the horror to come. But like the teenagers in the slasher flicks who ignore all the warning signs of their impending doom. We went ahead, three years later and decided to have one more child. We ended up with twins.

So here we are now - a family of five. My wife spent several years working out the details of feeding, changing, holding and cuddling a single and twins. I'm still working on the logistics of housing them all in our house, transporting them all in our cars, and trying to figure out how to pay for groceries and educations.

So let me introduce my children - Chaos, Noise, and Destruction.

Chaos is a beautiful 15 year old who is a sophomore at Burroughs High School. She likes sewing, crafts, music, volleyball, basketball and french fries dipped in chocolate shake. She plays volleyball on the varsity team and is a very good student. She is also the main reason why I'm a volleyball coach. She is called Chaos because she can enter a room where her siblings are peacefully playing and within seconds chaos ensues.

Noise is also a beautiful child. She is 11 now and has a twin brother. She likes, dolls, snacks, school, playing the clarinet, singing, watching TV and talking. Just this year she has tried her hand at playing volleyball. Noise believes that a minute without talking or singing was a indeed wasted minute. As she has gotten older Noise has expanded her repetoire of sonic entertainment to include humming, clicking, clacking, pounding, banging, shouting, and just good old fashioned dropping things. As a 5th grader she sings in the school choir and plays clarinet in the band.

Destruction is an 11 year old boy who with his sister is in the fifth grade. He likes legos, bionicles, puzzles, soccer, cookies, basketball, cuddling with his mommy and tools that cut or tear. He has a natural affinity for any device that can cut, slice, chop or disassemble. We do slightly worry about the boy because so far the little voice in his head that says "Cut this with the scissors" is showing a remarkable lack of good judgment. You have to keep an eye of destruction because once his cutting gets up a head of steam, its hard to put the brakes on again. Lately Destruction has been bucking for a name change. But then the boy in him will come roaring back out and we leave it as is. Lately his destructive tendencies have been redirected from objects to himself. Yep, he is definitely a boy.

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vinbeazel said...

I also have a twelve year old - the Drama queen; she is into everything involving drama. I have a 19 year old who plans to make his fortune surfing and trading...

I look forward to connecting with other coaches and interested parents in ridgecrest, to set up the Burroughs High Energy Farm project. If you have a better name for an engineering team project for after-school, let me know.

the Desert Mystic said...

Well, this was certainly interesting. I'm glad you found a way to talk about your family in a way that still leaves them their anonymity. I'll have to try this.

Oh, and I was wondering, has your family read this?

David said...

Yes my family has read this.

My dear wife loves being called "my dear wife." The kids were very proud of their nicknames, which coincedentaly they had before I started blogging.

Then one day I introduced them after church to a gentleman as Chaos, Noise and Destruction. It was the first time they had ever been called that outside our home.