Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The New Bearscast

Last year in a posting about the podcasts I like to listen to I mentioned the Bearscast. At the time I was very disillusioned about this podcast. But since it was only one of two podcasts that I could find about the Bears and the other one, Johnny James's podcast on My Sports radio used so many sound bumpers that they become annoying, I kept listening. But when the Superbowl came and went and there were no new Bearscasts. Then the draft came and went with no new Bearscasts I decided to punt. So I waited for the first episode of the new season and decided that if I tune into it and hear those same clowns, I was going to delete the Bearscast from my listening schedule.

When I finally got a new Bearscast episode I steeled myself for another sophomoric assault on my hearing. But when I tuned in I discovered that the Chicago Sports Network had replaced the hosts of this podcast with a couple other guys, Herman Coats and Gabe Dixon. The difference is amazing. There was no more annoying rap music playing in the background. There was no more people talking in the background. No more silly little boys blasting out my eardrums by giggling at their own jokes. And best of all - Gabe and Herman and their guests actually talk about the Chicago Bears football team.

Kudos to this change. The Bearscast podcast is enjoyable again. Granted the audio quality isn't the greatest. They could use a little better equipment or maybe some training on how to use what they have. But this podcast is back on my ipod and I'm looking forward to each new episode.

Now if the Bears would actually start playing like a superbowl caliber team again so the guys could start talking about good things instead of just how many turnovers Rex the Wonderdog commits.

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