Friday, March 14, 2008


Oh Crap, I just turned 50.

Well other than being a little tired, probably because it is midnight and I am still up, I don't feel that much older.

The only thing about turning 50 that bugs me is that I don't get the food discounts at restaurants until I'm 55. If I have to be over half a century old I should at least get a discount on lunch.

Since my daughter and I have to leave for a volleyball tournament in San Diego tomorrow (I guess it is actually today now) and my wife has to go to Lancaster to bring her mother home from the hospital we won't be able to have a birthday celebration until later. Earlier this evening my dear wife and kids stopped by the end of my volleyball practice with a carrot cake to share with my players. They all sang happy birthday to me. Even though it was a day early it was a good birthday celebration.

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