Friday, May 09, 2008

Indiana Jones Preview

I finally saw a preview of the new Indiana Jones Movie that premiers later this month.

I'm ready to go now....

I haven't been all too thrilled with most of what Hollywood turns out these days. In fact I refuse to go see about 99 percent of it. But I have always loved the Indiana Jones movies, all of them. Even Temple of Doom.

But what I'm looking forward to the most about the new movie? Karen Allen is back as Marion Ravenwood.

I loved her in Raiders and was very disappointed that she wasn't in the second and third ones. It was good to see her back with Indy again. Sure she is almost 57 years old now, but she is a good looking 57 from what I saw. Maybe it's the freckles, I've always liked girls with freckles. Good thing my dear wife has them, huh?

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