Saturday, June 28, 2008

Home Again

It seems like I just got home last week from a four day volleyball tournament in San Diego and here I am on the road again.

The family and I left for my sister-in-laws place in Pleasanton CA, up near San Francisco. My oldest has been up there for two weeks and is ready to come home. Actually her mother is ready for her to come home. She misses her baby. I do to but don't tell her that it will go to her head.

So we drove up to the Bay area Thursday evening after work. We spent Friday hanging out and doing some shopping. Today we spent more time with the family and eventually loaded up the van and headed for home around 5:30 this evening. We made pretty good time, and arrived home right around 11:30 tonight.

The rest of the family has headed for bed, and as soon as my caffine high wears off, I'm headed there also.

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