Friday, February 13, 2009

California Budget Deal?

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that state legislative leaders and our RINO governor have reached a deal to solve the state's budget crisis.

In a nut shell the deal boils down to bend over grab your knees and kiss your butt goodbye. They are going to fix our budget crisis by taxing the hell out of every honest working citizen in the state.

The deal includes:

$15.8 billion in spending cuts,
$14.3 billion in taxes and
$10.9 billion in borrowing

Of the 15.8 Billion in spending cuts, 8.6 Billion of that would be to cut funding in K-14 education. Yeah, thats what the state needs right now - more uneducated people running around.

But the taxes are going to hurt:

- 1% sales tax increase
- 77% vehicle license fee increase (does anyone remember old what's his name who got recalled for dramatically raising vehicle license fees?
- state's dependent credit would be cut in half - effectively raising taxes on parents.
- 12-cent per gallon tax hike on gasoline
- an Income Tax Increase
- and the best one yet a 5% tax surcharge on your taxes. That right they are going to start taxing your taxes.

Does anyone want to bet there will be absolutely no reduction in the amount of money we will spend to provide welfare, education and health benefits to the approximately 3 million plus illegals in the state?

Do you think there will be any reduction in all the money this state is spending on whacko green programs to prevent non existent global warming?

So get ready folks. Our national economy is going to get bad and California is going to lead the charge in making things as bad as they can for all everyone.

I would like to go off on a rant about our idiot legislature and our even worse governor. But I'm afraid that it would just be useless ranting and raving. So I'll just leave this at we are a state being run by idiots and morons.

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