Thursday, August 18, 2011

Police + Guns + Kids = Bunched Panties in Santa Rosa

Members of the Santa Rosa Police Department at a recent community event allowed several children to examine and handle some of their SWAT weapons.

And the posie sniffing, tree hugging, guns are evil whack jobs that infest that area are having conniption fits over it.

Attila Nagy, a Community organizer was quoted

"My main concern is for kids who handle these things. They're fascinated by
them, and it makes them familiar with guns,"

So how is that a bad thing? Multiple Department of Justice Reports indicate that kids who grow up around guns, with guns, or with a knowledge of guns are less likely to commit violent crimes than those that grow up "gun free".

Oh, and by the way - ATTILA NAGY? What in the world did you do to piss off your mother when she named you? What? Was Mongolian Whiner already taken?

Bystander Elaine Holtz, confronted the officers and later told

"I would not want my child to be involved with something like that... Those guns, they should have been behind glass -- to teach the kids that you don't want to deal with this gun, because it kills."

"I am coming from the heart of a woman, a mother, a grandmother,"

To quote that great philosopher Bugs Bunny "What a Maroon!" How does someone live long enough to have offspring who have offspring and not yet learn that guns don't jump up off the table and run around killing people. May be someone should have let her handle a gun when she was little and teach her a little bit about them. Maybe then she would not be such an ignorant twit.

Good job Santa Rosa Police Department! Stick to your guns, keep sharing them with the kids in the area. Even if you do get hammered by a the looney tunes.

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