Tuesday, December 13, 2005

California Unprepared for Tsunami

The Instapundit led me to this article: California is not prepared for a Tsunami.

Well, DUH!!!!!

Our coastal areas are filled with nanny state liberals who think the Government will jump in and immediately start taking care of them the moment anything bad happens.

Why should they prepare for a Tsunami? These are the same people who build thier houses on sandy hillsides, strip all the ground cover off the surrounding hill, then cry and scream when it rains and their house slides down the hill.

Every winter we get to watch the local Los Angeles News reporters interviewing some moron from Santa Monica whose house is being filled with mud that is washing down a nearby hillside. Eventually the poor victim chokes back enough tears to blurt out: "This has happened 6 times in the last 10 years and I want to know what they (city/county/state) are going to do about it."

I have a suggestion. Don't live in a house on the side of, or beneath a sandy hillside. If you absolutely must live there, build some drainage or flood control to direct the coming water and mud, away from your house. Because the water and mud is coming. It does every year.

The coastal area of California can't even properly prepare for minor natural disasters that occur almost every year, and people think they are going to prepare for a tsumani?

My family lives in California and we are ready for the Tsunami. We built our house 150 miles away from the coast, with a 4000 foot high mountain range between us and the big waves.


If you do live in the coastal areas of California and want to start preparing for a tsunami or other natural disaster here are a few tips:

1. Move!
2. For the first 3-14 days you should be ready to take care of yourself. That includes food, water, shelter, firstaid, and transportation.
3. Read the Survival Blog.
4. Make friends with Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstein so you will have someone around who is armed and can help defend you. Us common folk aren't allowed to carry firearms in California.
5. The song is wrong, it does rain in Southern California. Get ready for it.
6. Even if you don't worry about a tsunami, there are still the annual floods, wildfires, earthquakes and civil unreast. You need to get ready!

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the worry today is "tsumanis". In te 80s there was great fear that the state would suffer a major earthquake and split in half, with the west half sinking into the ocean. I would have a great view over the new inland sea (Tehachapi) and you would only have to drive 80 miles or so to the beach. Oh- well.