Thursday, December 01, 2005

Free Range Blogging

OK, so this blog isn't exactly living free and wild. Actually nothing in our kitchen is, except for our new range. It is sitting right in the middle of the kitchen.

We have been upgrading our kitchen on the installment plan. We have done most of the appliances over the last couple years. This year it was the oven's turn.

We have been living with the old Magic Chef slide it oven since we moved into this house. The oven has had troubles for years. We have been unable to get it leveled so everything we bake is lopsided. The door has been leaking heat for a while now. If you run the oven for over an hour the knobs on the front get so hot you can't touch them. That is when they are not falling off, or slipping when you try to turn them.

We shopped aroung for a while and my dear wife feel in love with a Maytag free standing range. This range has a double gas oven, and a four burner stove top. It looks like a good oven. I pulled out the old slide-in this evening. I loosened the vinyl flooring from the kickboard and cut out the kick board. Unfortunately the gas line is coming out of the wall at a spot aove the height of the cut out in the back of the new oven. So we have to slide the oven into the gap in the counter and see how far it will slide in.

I suspect that I am going to have to reroute the gas connection tomorrow. But we are hoping not.

So tomorrow I have to clean up the grout around the oven opening so I don't scratch the sides of the new range sliding it into the gap our old oven came out of. Then we'll check the fit and find out if I need to do some gas line rework. If not I'll just need to connect up the gas and electric and then level the new range and then my dear wife can start baking Christmas Cookies.

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