Tuesday, February 28, 2006

30th Class Reunion

I just found out that my 30th High School Class Reunion is going to be held in Cheyenne Wyoming on Aug. 11-13. They are planning an Icebreaker on Friday evening. A formal dinner with the our cross town rivals East High School on Saturday evening and maybe a picnic on Sunday.

If you are interested there is a link to our reunion information here:

Cheyenne Central Class of 1976

I would love to be there for this event. But my family is already planning on spending a couple weeks in Wyoming in July. The University of Wyoming has a volleyball camp the third week in July that my oldest daughter wants to participate in. The family is going to spend some time at Yellowstone and then back in Cheyenne for a few days to catch a little Frontier Days action.

So I don't know if I will be able to get back there again in August. That weekend is one week before Chaos starts school. It will also be really close to coinciding with high school volleyball tryouts. I may be able to get back there by myself, but I doubt that the family will be able to go with me. Also I will have to be hoarding my vacation time since my middle school volleyball season will be starting the end of August and I always end up using a lot of vacation time with that.

However I do have some concerns about the decision to combine our dinner with our old cross town rivals - East High School. Granted we are all 30 years older now and should be able to behave like adults. But I wouldn't count on it. If everyone gets to reflecting on the good old days the dinner may end early when we all sneak out early to go egg each others buildings or repaint the rocks outside of each other's school buildings.

Now that said, my lawyers tell me I should make it clear that I never threw eggs at East High School. I never painted their landscaping red. I never wrote crude comments in chalk on the sidewalk outside their front door. I never wrapped underwear over the head of their thunderbird mascot. I never drove past their outdoor activites yelling rude things or mooning the crowd. I never wrote "East High Sucks" all over the seats on their side of the stadium before our football games. I never wrote "Go Central" in ketchup on the seats on their side of the gym before our basketball games. I never sat in the parking lot during their home football games and threw snowballs over the back of the bleachers into the crowd.

I'm also sure that none of my fine upstanding classmates ever did such things either. We were good, hard working, hard studying students who would never commit such rude acts. We respected and enjoyed the friendly rivalry that we shared with our cross town classmates.

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Jodee said...

Unfortunately the rock at the "New" Central is nothing like our rock at the "original" Central. The "C" is gone off the hill above Okie Blanchard, since each school has their own football field now. However, there is a new T-Bird electronic sign that is ripe for hacking. Want to take a stab at it?
I enjoyed reading your blog. If nothing else, when you are in Cheyenne for Frontier Days, let me know via the reunion email and we maybe can get a few people together anyway for fun.