Sunday, February 05, 2006


Congratulations to the Pittsburg Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks.

But the Steelers get to go home the winners and the Seahawks get to complain about the officiating.

Best memory of the suoerbowl? Watching Jerome Bettis stand there with the trophy in his hands and tell his fans that the bus made it's last stop in his home town of Detroit. Can it get any better than to have a career like Bettis had, play your last game in you home town, and have that win be for the superbowl. Thanks for all the years Jerome. You were a fun one to watch.

Class act of the night - Bill Cowher handing the trophy to team owner Dan Rooney and saying "This belongs to you Sir." Cowher has had some rough years with the Steelers and the Rooney family has stuck by him. The Rooney family has a reputation for loyalty and that feeling seems to be eched by their employees. That's a lesson that several other owner in the NFL should be paying attention to. Do you think anyone named Bidwell, Davis, Jones, Modell, or Irsay is listening?

Best play of the superbowl - Willie Parker's 75 yeard touchdown run just 22 seconds into the second half. I got to see Marcus Allen make his 74 yard run in superbowl 18 against the Redskins this one was almost as pretty. Willie Parker is no Marcus Allen, but for about 10 seconds today he was better.

Best Commercial. I liked the Fed-ex Caveman commercial. I think I used to work for that boss, and we've all had days like the caveman had.

We all loved the streaking lamb in the budweiser spot, and the dead fly in the hospital was hilarious. My sister in law who travels a lot said she could relate to the lady try to get out her airline seat past the two sleeping travelers. But she wouldn't go into anymore detail.

Our party was really low key. Not many folks showed up. Over the years our regular crowd has moved away or found better things to do. We're either going to have to find some more football fans to join us, or start teaching our kid's friends to like football.

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