Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bomb Threats Day 2

The kopy kats are crawling out of the woodwork today. After yesterday's bomb threat at Burroughs High School there was a bomb threat this morning at Murray Middle School. The School district decided to send all those students home for the day also. This created a huge backup of traffic at the base front gates. The wait to try and get back into the base after lunch was over 30 minutes.

When I arrived at work I found out that there was another threat at BHS. This time they are not sending the kids home. They evacuated them to the football field and they will wait there until the all clear to return to class is given.

I hope that they catch the moron who is doing this and come down on them like a ton of bricks. Especially the kid who made the bomb threat at Murray Middle School which is located on a United States Navy Base. Apparently some kid's parents haven't done a very good job of teaching their children about cause and effect and responsibility for your actions. So they may have to learn it the hard way. Meanwhile their classmates and the citizens of our small town all pay the price for their stupidity.

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lagh out loud your not kidding thats really annoying