Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Recently the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales fired eight United States Attorneys. These firings have the liberal wackos in Congress and the antique media all in a tizzy. They are all frothing at the mouth over this “purge” by George Bush.

Funny I don’t remember any hue and outcry from the antique media and the dimocrats in Congress when in 1993 Bill Clinton demanded the resignation of ALL 93 U.S. Attorneys. Now that is a purge. You have to give old Slick Willie credit. He knew how to purge an organization.

Maybe the media would be happier if George Bush’s had fired all the U.S. Attorneys instead of just getting rid of a few idiots. I doubt it. George Bush could hold a press conference tomorrow and announce that he was bringing all the troops home from Iraq tomorrow, banning internal combustion engines and supporting Hillary for President and the antique media would find a way to slam him for it.

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