Friday, May 18, 2007

Dolphins Finally Wake Up?

I think that someone on the Dolphin's staff may have finally gotten their act together.

Last week news was released that Ricky Williams the Dolphin's persistant drug abuser failed his 4271st drug test.

Alright that may be a slight exageration, but the Dolphins have given Ricky Williams more than enough chances. It's time for this team to finally cut their losser running back loose and move on.

Today when asked about Ricky Williams' most recently failed drug test Coach Cameron replied:

"I will not allow our fans to be let down by people that are not on our roster -- not again,'' Cameron said. "It's my responsibility not to let that happen. We have the greatest fans in the game, and we've got men on our team that we're going to focus on.''

Maybe the Dolphins will finally send Ricky Williams on his pot smoking way and get down to the business of trying to rebuild their football team.

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