Monday, May 21, 2007

Rachel is Back

Rachel Lucas was one of the first blogs that I started reading. She was caustic, irreverent and totally un-PC. Also, if she didn't invent the phrase "asshat" she certainly used it enough to make it her own.

Then several years ago Rachel quit blogging. For a while I really missed her daily rantings. Then I found other blogs to read. But few of them were as entertaining as Rachel was. I still remember the day I removed the link to her blog from my links list. It was like pulling the plug on a brain dead loved one. I finally had to admit that she wasn't coming back and it was time to quit hoping she would suddenly wake up and start writing again.

Rachel claims that this time she won't be so political. Yeah right. But I'm willing to wait and see.

So check out Rachel's new site at:

I should warn you that Rachel sometimes uses some rather colorful language. So if you find that sort of language offensive don't click on the link above.

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