Monday, June 11, 2007

New Flag

The other day my dear wife noticed that the American Flag that we have for the front of the house was getting a little ragged. So when she was out shopping she picked up a new flag. She picked out the one she wanted because it was the same size and had a picture on the front of the package that looked like it would mount onto the pole we already have.

My dear wife was careful to get a flag that was manufactured in the United States. As the front label on the package shows, the Annin Company is very proud of their history of making flags here in the United States. The mentioned it twice on the front label alone.

Flag front label

Once she got home she was going to put the new flag on our existing pole. But when she couldn't figure out how the get the old flag off the pole she asked for help. I mentioned that she should look on the back of the package to see if there were any instructions there. This is what she found:

flag back label

I don't speak or read spanish, but I think that the writing here is essentially a repeat of the words on the front of the package.

But I have to ask, does the Annin Co. really sell so many flags to Latin Americans who cannot read English in this country that they need to label their flags in both languages?

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