Monday, October 01, 2007

Select a Candidate

Are you curious about how your personal beliefs compare to those of the 4372 candidates running for the office of President of the United States?

Minnesota Public Radio has put together a little survey that you can take that will let you know some of the answers. Like they say on their website:

This quiz is not meant to pick your candidate for you. It is designed to inform the public of the various stances candidates make. Results are not scientific. Based on a tool developed by Minnesota Public Radio.

I have a much more scientific method of determining who my candidate is going to be. I listen to them talk, and if I have to run out of the room and vomit, or end up screaming obscenities at the TV then I probably won't vote for that person.

If that isn't scientific enough for you then I suggest that you do a little research and look up each candidates voting records and see if you agree with how they voted. Don't listen to what they say while running for office. They are politicians. They are lying to you. The only way to find out what a candidate thinks is to look at their voting record. Anything they say now that they are a candidate for office is going to be a pandering lie designed to make the specific audience they are speaking to want to vote for them.

So how did my test results turn out?

Fred Thompson Score: 44
Duncan Hunter Score: 44
John McCain Score: 39
Jim Gilmore Score: 38
Sam Brownback Score: 36
Mitt Romney Score: 35
Ron Paul Score: 32
Tom Tancredo Score: 29
Rudy Giuliani Score: 25
Mike Huckabee Score: 23
Joe Biden Score: 7
Bill Richardson Score: 4
Barack Obama Score: 1
Hillary Clinton Score: 1
John Edwards Score: 1

For a non-scientific test I have to say that I would have to agree pretty much with these results. Is it any wonder that I feel so repulsed and angry every time I see Obama, Edwards or Hillary running their mouths?

But then I am almost as tired of the antique media shoving Rudy and Mitt down my throat as the main conservative candidates. I'm a conservative who has some beliefs that are fairly far right and others that lean slightly left of center. From what I've seen of Mitt's and Rudy's voting records these two men were lucky to score as high as they did on this survey.

Since I don't know what they based this survey on, the candidates voting records or what they have been saying lately, I can't put too much stock in it. But it did raise two questions for me ask: "Who the hell is Jim Gilmore?" and "Why didn't the survey ask about gun ownership?" Oh right! I forgot, this was put together by Public Radio...

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