Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My daughter's high school volleyball teams played three road matches this evening at Barstow High School. The freshman team won a close match 2-1 with one of my eighth grade players from last year serving an ace in the last game to win the game and match.

The junior varsity easily won their match in two games.

Then it was time for the varsity match to start. Several of the parents and I figured out we were in for an interesting evening once the warm-ups started. The bleachers were only about 30% full so there were a lot of spaces to sit scattered all along the court. But that didn't stop about 12 Barstow students from deciding that they needed to sit next to us, and right in the middle of the section of bleachers where all our students had left their gym bags and homework. There was not a lot of unused space in this area to sit. But they moved right in and made themselves a home. In many cases these students had to sit with our students bags between their legs, under their feet and scattered all around them.

Both coaches asked us parents to keep an eye on the girls stuff since these students behavior seemed to indicate that they were doing this on purpose and were looking cause some mischief. So we tried to keep an eye on our players stuff and in the meantime most of the players left warm-ups and came up into the stands to move their stuff away from these interlopers.

Unfortunately we weren't sharp enough or didn't get things moved quickly enough. One of the girl's street shoes disappeared in this several minutes. We are hoping that nothing else disappeared out of their packs.

Then the game started. This group of 12 kids put on a display of bad sportsmanship that makes the Cleveland Browns Dogpound look like boy scouts.

I had my video camera running and it recorded almost an hour and a half of these kids teasing, jeering, and yelling crass comments at our players. It seems no one ever taught them the first rule of fan sportsmanship - cheer for your team, not against their opponents.

There was one guy in the group that liked to yell "Go Aztecs" as loud as he could but he only did it whenever one of our girls was attempting to spike or serve. But at least he was cheering for his team. The rest of group just basically performed down to the lowest level they could manage.

The only redeeming part of the night was how quiet these morons got, and how quickly they vacated the premises when my daughter's team won that final point in game five to finish off a 3-2 win in the match.

After the match I mentioned the rude behavior to a couple other parents and they told me that it is nothing new. Barstow High School has apparently had a reputation for years of having the rudest, most poorly behaved, students in the conference. One of the parents whispered that is why he has heard several folks refer to them as A$$hole High.

I asked if they thought I should send a copy of the DVD I had recorded to the principal so he could have a good listen to what kind of representatives of his school his students are. But most of the parents said it would be a waste of time. The school apparently doesn't care. I had to agree. In the last two years I have seen the Barstow varsity team play three times. In those three matches I have seen their head coach yellow carded for verbally berating a referee. She has thrown her clipboard, kicked her chair and stormed onto and around the court ranting and raving like a crazy woman. She had pretty much behaved a lot like the students who come to watch her team play. Since the school allows its coaches to behave like that I doubt they will care how the students behave.

Oh well, we are done with that team for this season.


Jayme said...

What about the refs? Can they say anything to the croud? I think that the refs around here will ask them to stop if they are shouting while someone is serving. I don't know if they would do any more than that though. We don't usually get enough crouds at our volleyball games to even worry about stuff like that. Do you all get decent crouds where you're at?

debey said...

maybe you should send the DVD to the school board members, as well as the school adm..........
Hello, from Forestburg, SD, BTW!
i await another NSTIW story!

David said...

No we don't get really large crowds around here either. That really surprised me when I first started going to games. I'm working on fixing that also. Most of my middle school players have really great families who go to all their games. They also bring their whole families and friends with them. So I figure the more of them I get onto the high school team the more people there will be in the stands for the games.

As far as sending a copy of the DVD, I mentioned the incidence to a couple other folks today and the all said the same thing "Don't bother, Barstow's behavior has been horrble for years. If the the administration and school board don't know that by now they aren't going to learn it now."

The referee's in the game at one point early on sent the linesman from Barstow over to tell a different bunch of students to stop stomping on the bleachers and chanting because it was so loud that it was drowning out the referee's whistle.

I don't get to go to many away games because they conflict with my middle school team schedules. But the home referee's here keep pretty tight control of things. But we usually don't have to deal with such bad behavior. They have on occasion asked a visiting team who were being overly distracting to quiet down.

Our varsity players like to sit at the corner of the gym and cheer on the JV when they play. On occasion the refs have made them move because the seemed to be distracting the opposing team's servers.