Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Shine a Laser in My Eyes - part 5

Well it has been 8 days since my surgery. I didn't go to work again today. The time I was there on Monday convinced me that I'm not ready to spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen yet.

Over all my eyes are doing much better. I was actually able to read the 20-30 lines on the eye chart during my doctor's checkup on tuesday. Since the legal limit to be able to drive is 20-60 he said I could start driving if I felt up to it. So I did. Occasionally I run into a road sign that is hard to see, but for the most part things were pretty clear. Tuesday night I drove myself to my volleyball practice. My dear wife and I were both worried about how I would handle oncoming headlights. But they didn't seem to bother me. However I did notice some sensitivity to bright tail lights. I assume that the color red had something to do with it. But don't really understand why? This evening though I drove home from my daughter's volleyball practice and neither one bothered me much at all.

Today things are a little more blurry than they were yesterday. My close up vision is getting bad. I was warned that this would happen. But I was hoping that since it stayed so clear for so many days that it would stay that way. But apparently that isn't going to happen. I'm wearing my +1.0 reading glasses right now. I'm also preparing to be that old guy who is always looking for his specs in order to read things.

It's late and my eyes are getting tired again so I'm going to end this. Besides I have to get up early. The floor installers are supposed to be here to start our new dining room and kitchen flooring first thing in the morning. Since I probably can't get much done at work anyway I'm going to stay home with them.

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