Sunday, December 02, 2007

Shine a Laser in My Eyes - part 4

Well it has been five days since my surgery. My eyes feel much better. Getting those contact lens bandages out of my eyes on Friday made a huge difference.

My vision is improving. But it varies enough that I'm still not driving. Which means that my dear wife is still driving me to and from - everywhere.

My close up vision is still pretty good. I've been warned that I may have some trouble with it as the distance vision clears up. But I was having that trouble with my close vision while wearing my contacts anyway. So I already have a couple pair of reading glasses laying around.

My distance vision comes and goes. One moment I can see pretty well, the next things are blurry. Yesterday I was having trouble with double vision. Everything had an after image to it. The double vision is gone today, but my eyes are tired and I have a mild headache. My right eye is definitely clearer than my left and when my eyes are unbalanced that way I tend to get headaches. The nurse at the doctor's office told me that apparently most engineers have this trouble. Monovision is an option the Doctor's offer with vision correction. This is where one eye is focused for distance and the other for up close. But the nurse said that most engineers never opt for monovision. She says it must be the way our brains are wired that the unbalanced eyes give us headaches. But regardless of how it all works, my eyes are a little unbalanced today and it is giving me a headache.

The bright side of my vision clearing up a bit is I was actually able to see my volleyball players at this afternoon's practice. I had two new players show up at the last practice and all I could see of them was a blond blur and a brunette blur. So it was good to finally get to see them today so if I run into them in town I will know who I am saying hello to.

The local doctor who will be checking my vision told me that I would see pretty good improvement over the next few days but to expect it to come and go on occasion. But so far I have to say it is improving nicely. I'm not sure how long I will be able to stay at work tomorrow. I can't look at a computer screen for very long and if I can't do that there may not be much I can do there. So if my eyes start hurting I will probably just have to have my chauffeur err, my dear wife drive me home.

Now that said this screen is getting bright again and starting to hurt. So good night.

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