Friday, March 27, 2009

Ban Guns to help Mexico

Last month our glorious Attorney General stated that in order to reduce the escallating violance in Mexico we have to start banning the sale of guns here in the United States.

I have tried several times to put my thoughts about what a ridicuously foolish train of thought this is. But as I was trying to find the right words, one of my favorite bloggers did it for me. Mostly Cajun said it this way:

You’re a big Mexican drug cartel. You daily smuggle TONS of marijuana and cocaine across the border into the United States. You decide you need a few guns.

Do you

1. Send Pedro and Paco to San Antonio to buy up the legal semi-automatic guns from a legitimate gun shop
2. Talk to corrupt military and government officials in your own country and arrange to get fully automatic guns from THEIR stocks.
3. Buy guns from munitions dealers on the international market that supplies arms to trouble spots all over the globe.

I won’t even go into the idea that an American gun shop would deal in fully automatic weapons. Yes, it IS done, but it requires a special and expensive license and is highly regulated and watched. For a private individual to get the license to OWN one of these weapons is a long, drawn-out process involving fingerprints and background checks. And in the end you end up with a weapon that might have cost !50 to make, but you paid $5000 (or much, much more) to own. The same goes for “destructive devices” such as grenades.

The same $5000 in the right places on the international market will get you a truckload of REAL AK-47’s.

As much as the gun-grabbers and lamestream media would like to have you think that you can walk into and gun shop, plunk down cash and walk out with a bucket full of hand grenades and a couple of light machine guns, it just ain’t so.

And while a knowledgeable individual with the proper machine tools and parts can convert many semi-auto rifles into full auto versions, why would they do that when a few pesos in the right pocket can get you one out of the back of Mexican Army truck? Or with a phone call to Venezuela?

And to further laugh at the furor over the supposed flow of guns to Mexico, really, we can’t seem to stop the flow of drugs coming this way, so what makes people think that we can stop the flow of arms the other way, anyhow? Seems to me that if we have this magic technology that can somehow stop stuff going into Mexico from here, we could, like, turn it around and stop stuff coming here from Mexico.

Oh, wait! I forgot. What they’re proposing is that we stop selling guns here. If they’re illegal here, then the Mexican drug cartels won’t buy them here. Right! A LAW is going to stop that. After all, it works so well making drugs illegal that you can’t buy THEM from Jamar on the street in any US city.

Unfortunately we are dealing with domestic jihadists who only want one thing - the complete disarmament of the American population. They don't care about logic. They don't care about common sense. All that matters to them is taking away our most basic freedom - the freedom to defend ourselves and our families.

As long as "We the People" are allowed to own guns our elected overlords will never be able to sleep well at night. As long as we have the ability to defend ourselves we may one day wake up and discover that we don't need their constant interference in our lives. The very thought of an armed society strikes fear in the hearts of our liberal leaders. So far they have done a great job of taking over our country using our schools, colleges, universities and polling places. But as long as the unwashed masses have the tools to stand up and say "NO MORE!" their reign can never be complete. So don't be surprised when this attack on our freedom fails. Just be ready for the next one, and the one after that, and so on. As long as the whacko libs are in charge they will continue to attack our ability to defend ourselves. They don't hide that any more. In fact they proudly proclaim that they are going to make taking away our guns a priority. Get ready folks, this is just round one of what will be a long, long assault.

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