Friday, March 27, 2009

The soft headed, earth first, save the planet folks over at Vote Earth 2009 are encouraging everyone to turn off all their lights tomorrow night (3/28) from 8:30 to 9:30 PM.

Their website claims that turning off your lights is a vote for earth, or leaving your lights on is a vote for global warming.

Personally I intend to turn on a couple extra lights. Call it a vote for reason, sanity and freedom. But I am not voting for global warming. I'm voting to be a light in the darkness caused by hysteria, panic and blind over reaction. How much effort and money have these clowns sunk into this endeavor? Do they think it will really matter? Do you think they'll see a satellite picture of the Korean peninsula at night and notice that the entire North Korean portion of the peninsula is dark and
think "Hey, everyone there is voting for the earth!"

A message for the Vote for earth crowd - You are wasting both yours and my time. You are attempting to cost our society billions of dollars with wasteful legislation that will accomplish nothing. You will not stop global warming by turning off your lights. You will not cool the planet by shutting down factories, cars, light bulbs, etc. The only thing you can do to cool this planet is to turn off the sun. But don't worry we can do that.

Wait until about 8:30 tomorrow night, then go outside. Look up into the sky and be amazed, because the sun will have gone dark. It will be turned off. Then if you dare to, turn on a light so you can read a thermometer. You will discover that it is already getting cooler outside. Amazing huh? If we turn off the sun then the atmosphere cools. Then, go back in your house, turn on your lights so you don't break a toe tripping over something. Sit down, read a book, watch some TV, play a
game with your kids, then turn off the lights, go to bed and get a good night sleep. Don't worry, the whole world will not be a frozen wasteland when you walk up. I promise that we will turn the sun back on in the morning so that your world will warm back up again. When that happens you should get up, shower, put on a clean tee shirt, braid your hair, then go outside into that great big warm wonderful world and find yourself a useful job.

Oh, if at anytime during the day you happen to see Algore speaking, stick both your fingers in your ears and run like your life and the lives of your children depend on it - because it does.

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Stan said...

If only I had known that leaving the porch light on to ward off those with ill intents was killing the planet. Call me silly, I'll worry about the problems in the world that are real.