Thursday, February 25, 2010

CA State Senate Loses Their Fraking Minds

It's official! The California State Assembly has lost their freaking minds. And that is being kind, I am assuming that most of those twits had minds to lose in the first place.

Today, our illustrious State Assembly voted to make the first week in March a "Cuss Free Week."


Our state is spirialing down the crapper with almost no hope of recovery. We are massively in debt, spending significantly more money than we take in, we are being overrun by illegals and the best thing our state assembly can think to worry about it how much we are all cussing?

In addition to this idiocy. They make it a completely toothless resolution. We are all INVITED to stop cussing for a week, not REQUIRED to stop cussing.

I have a few other suggestions for our state assembly that I think they aught to impliment. How about we declare a:

1. Balance the damned budget week,
2. Stop spending more money than we make week,
3. Stop wasting your time trying to control our behavior week,
4. Start earning your keep and doing your jobs week,
5. Stop spending tax money feeding, educating, healing, and counseling illegals week,
6. Go out a get real jobs you lazy bastards week.

I'm sure there are a lot more ideas floating around out there, but I need to go outside and cuss awhile. But first one more bit of advice for our assemblymen - When you hear someone around you cussing - it is probably a pretty safe be that they are cussing at, or about, you.

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Old Retired Petty Officer said...

How about calling our East Kern County Reps and tell them to get of their asses and really do something? I am all for it and will do it. And then I will invite them to read my blog!!!!!!!!