Friday, April 08, 2011

World Traveler?

Ok, so I haven't done too well at the world traveling stuff.

visited 3 states (1.33%)
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Details of Canada travels -

visited 5 states (38.4%)
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My lack of world traveling is not due to lack of desire. Early on when I had the time and opportunity to travel - I couldn't afford it. Later when I could afford it I was so busy traveling (around the US) for work that the last thing I wanted to do with my spare time was get on an airplane. Now, there just doesn't seem to be enough time. I have so much going on here at home that running off around the world just seems silly.

However there are places I would love to go see:
1. Norway
2. Rome
3. Egypt
4. Alps and Pyrennes areas of France (during the Tour de France)
5. England
6. Budapest
7. Rotenburg, Germany
8. Switzerland
9. Antartica
10. Israel
11. Kenya/Uganda
12. Tibet

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