Thursday, April 19, 2007

Harry Reid Surrenders

Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid announced today that we have lost the war in Iraq.

"I believe ... that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week,"

Speaking about a meeting at the White House on how to end a standoff over war funding Harry Reid told the President that we have lost the war.

"I know I was the odd guy out at the White House, but I told him at least what he needed to hear ... I believe the war at this stage can only be won diplomatically, politically and economically."

So there you have it. The terrorists now know what it takes to beat America. You set off a series of car bombs that kill 200 civilians and the glorious leadership of the United States Congress will turn tail and run.

I cannot begin to describe the level of loathing I feel towards this spineless coward. The terrorists are blowing up car bombs to kill hundreds of innocent civilians and this slimeball wants to deal with them diplomatically, politically and economically.

Sooner or later it has to sink into Harry Reids feable mind that we are fighting an enemy that doesn't want to negotiate with us. They only want to kill and destroy and no amount of economic or political incentive is going to stop them.

So we are facing a conflict here. Either the Harry Reid doesn't understand the nature of the enemy we are facing or he understands but is willing to sacrifice our efforts to defeat terrorism in order to further his political future, or Harry Reid doesn't know what his job is so he is making it up as he goes along. So which is it? Is Harry Reid an ignorant fool, a lying rat-bastard, or a traitor trying to usurp the Presidential Authority as the Commander and Chief of the Armed Services.

Nancy Pelosi overstepped her authority when she took it upon herself to negotiate with the enemies of the United States. Now Harry Reid takes it upon himself to announce that we have lost this war.

What's next? Are the Democratic Leadership going to start doing the Supreme Court's jobs for them also?

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