Sunday, April 22, 2007

Too busy to Blog

I haven't been writing much the last week or so. Not from lack of anything to say, but from lack of time.

My daughter's club volleyball season is winding to a close and I have been trying to get the photo albums and DVDs of all their games put together. I thought this would be rather straight forward but I keep making the task more complicated than it really needs to be. But I like the way things are turning out, so I'm going to keep chugging ahead.

I had planned once I was done with the club teams albums to get started on certificates, photo pages and DVDs for my three middle school volleyball teams. I usually present these things on Sports Night which is held the last week of school. But this year they moved Sports Night up a month on me and I have until May 10 to get everything done.

In the meantime I still have work, 2 city league volleyball teams, my son's basketball and soccer games to attend plus my normal list of honeydos to keep up with.

So blogging may be slim for a while until I get caught up with all my chores.

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