Friday, November 30, 2007

Shine a Laser in My Eyes - part 3

I saw my local eye Doctor this morning. He shined a very bright light (but not a laser) into my very light sensitive eyes. Then he agreed with the Doctor who did my surgical follow-up three days ago, that I am apparently a fast healer. I've known this most of my life. If I take care of wounds I tend to heal quickly. The last few years I've noticed that my healing rate has seemed to slow down to closer to normal. I blame this on this rapidly aging body I'm trapped in.

Apparently however my eyes are still healing quickly. So the Doctor removed the contact lens "bandages" that were on my eyes. This simple act reduced my discomfort by more than half. So my eyes don't hurt too badly now, except they are still rather light sensitive.

Unfortunately, I still can't see diddly squat. My vision is still very blurry beyond about 8 inches from my face. Which is making typing this very difficult because I have my face right up against the very bright screen which is irritating my still light sensitive eyes. The doctors assure me that my vision will clear up over the next few days. I just have to wait. In the meantime, I'm getting my face away from this screen and resting my eyes for a while.


Stan said...

If you don't mind me asking, who was the doctor that you went to? I hope that the healing continues to go well and that all works out.

David said...

Locally I'm seeing Doctor Ogren. He referred me to Dr. Tooma with the TLC eye center which has a couple offices in the LA area. I was very impressed with the TLC center and with Dr. Tooma. They are very cooperative with out of town patients.

You can get more information about them at:

Stan said...

Thanks David. My wife has been looking at corrective laser surgery for the last few years and wanted to know.