Sunday, January 06, 2008

Global Climate Change

The Director of the Space and Science Research Center, (SSRC) in Orlando, Florida, John Casey has confirmed a recent WWW announcement by solar Physicists at NASA that changes in the sun will result in a climate change from warming to a long lasting period of global cooling.

NASA's original report was published on May 10, 2006 - Long Range Solar Forecast

The SSRC report was published on January 2, 2008 - Changes in the Sun’s Surface to Bring Next Climate Change

Read both reports, they are not long, and don't contain too much technical jargon. In other words even Al Gore could understand what they are say, provided he was intellectually honest enough to actually consider a point of view other than his own.

For example:

"With this next solar minimum predicted by NASA, what I call a “solar hibernation,” the SSRC forecasts a much colder Earth just as it has transpired before for thousands of years. If NASA is the more accurate on the schedule, then we may see even warmer temperatures before the bottom falls out. If the SSRC and other scientists around the world are correct then we have only a few years to prepare before 20-30 years of lasting and possibly dangerous cold arrive.”


The Great Conveyor Belt is a massive circulating current of fire (hot plasma) within the Sun. It has two branches, north and south, each taking about 40 years to perform one complete circuit. Researchers believe the turning of the belt controls the sunspot cycle, and that's why the slowdown is important.

So what are these scientists saying? They are saying that from now till somewhere between 2010 and 2012 we should expect the earth to continue to get warmer, because solar cycle 24 will be peaking during that period. That's right kiddies, global warming is real, it's happening, and contrary to what Pope Al Gore and his church of radical environmentalism tells you, it is not about green house gases, SUVs or cow farts. It is all about the sun baby!

Then, after solar cycle number 24 starts declining sometime around 2013 and for the next 20-40 years we are in for a period of solar hibernation which is going to make things get colder around here. According to some predictions a lot colder.

Now, I live in the desert, so if you tell me the average temperature is going to drop several degrees I'm all for that. But there are large portions of this planet that are not going to find this to be good news - farmers for example. You know, the people that provide all the food you eat!

So what can we do about this? Because you know, we are important. Just ask any of Al Gore's rabid followers and they will tell you that anything that happens on this planet is all the fault of us decadent American citizens. They will tell you that the current warming trend is all our fault, so I expect that they will blame the cooling trend to come on us also. But what can we do, it is the freaking sun we are talking about here. It is big - 864,938 miles in diameter, that's 109 times larger than the earth. Which makes it's volume 1,299,400 times that of the earth. That means if you were to hollow out the sun and fill it up with copies of the planet earth you would need 1.3 million earths, or one Al Gore ego. The sun is also far away - 93 million miles away. And finally it is hot - 11,000°F.

So what is our piddling little planet with it's insignificant infestation of human beings going to do to stop the solar cycles that are heating or cooling our planet?

I know that we aren't supposed to think of ourselves as insignificant but it is true, cosmically speaking we are a dust mote to be swept away like we never existed. There is absolutely nothing we human beings can do to stop, change or alter the solar heating or cooling cycles. What we can do is our best to survive whatever our sun throws at us. But we won't be able to do that until the spittle flinging lunatics like Al Gore shut up and stop blaming us for the problem. Survival is going to be a lot harder if we first don't recognize what is causing the problem and secondly don't make our lives significantly more difficult or uncomfortable by allowing our government to pass meaningless laws trying to combat a problem that they cannot possibly prevent.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore is honest enough to recognize that we aren't causing it. Haven't you noticed that he has not bothered to change his lifestyle at all.

David said...

But he is not honest enough to stop traveling all over the planet collecting meaningless awards for his efforts in blaming the rest of us for causing global warming.