Saturday, January 05, 2008

Things To Do When Bored

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

I scored 100% and only had to guess on about 20% of the questions. However I didn't learn most of the answers in 8th grade science.

In 8th grade science I learned important things like using the lit alcohol burners to write your name in fire on the desk tops will earn you a swat with a paddle.

I also learned that accidentally (it really was an accident) lighting a stack of papers on the teacher's desk on fire will get you sent to the Principal' Office.

I learned that setting BBs in the snow on the window sill until they get really cold then tossing them down the front of the blouse of the girl behind you will get your face slapped off your head.

Finally I learned that if you get partnered up with the class hoodlum, and you help him get his only "A" of the year, later, when he and a couple of his reject buddies happen to see you getting roughed up by a couple bullies they will beat the crap out of them for you.

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