Friday, January 18, 2008

Second Place


The SCVA finally posted the results of our first tournament. We finished in second place. There was a three way tie for first. We finished second behind a team that we beat, but finished ahead of the team we lost to.

The SCVA uses match record for the first tie breaker, that created the three way tie. Then they go to game record. That knocked the team we lost to out of the tie, they had to play three games to beat the 0-3 team. That left us tied with the team we had beaten, but since in our loss we only scored 21 points and in their loss they scored 35. So we lost in the points ratio tie breaker.

I'll gladly take a second place finish. Considering it was my girls first competitive games as a team I'm thrilled with a second place finish.

Our second qualifier is Feb 2nd. A first or high second place finish will move us from the copper to bronze division. My goal for the season is to try and get these girls into the upper bronze division. But when all is said and done I really don't care where they finish as long as they improve throughout the season, and they have fun.

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