Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cash for Codgers

Og over at the Neanderpundit thinks that the "success" of Cash for Clunkers program will lead our neophyte president to to model his new health care program the same way.

You need a service from your health care provider you will have to trade in a codger in order to get that care. Og suspects that they fee schedule may be:

Heart surgery? Two geezers.
Colonoscopy? one geezer or two dogs.
Boob job? five geezers and a bowl of goldfish. And one abortion.
Liver replacement? One geezer and all his clothes, and a cat.

I hope the libs in congress don't read this. They may just like the idea.


Will Brown said...

Since a majority of the libs in Congress could generously be catagorizes as "geezers", maybe not so much. :)

David said...

Gee, suddenly this is starting to sound better. I wonder what kind of medical care I could get for trading in a pelosi and a reid.

Maybe we have finally found something useful our congress critters could do for this country.