Monday, August 03, 2009

More State Senate Subterfuge

If you are one of the few citzens in California who still thinks that your state assemblycritters are working in your best interests I have some bad news for you.

The CA legislature's latest stunt is reminiscent of a child breaking something that belongs to their parents then trying to hide it so Mommy and Daddy will not find out who did it.

So what happened? The CA Legislature passed a budget to heal our 26 BILLION dollar deficit. When the voters had rejected all our elected representatives ideas on raising our taxes we hoped they would fix the problem by cutting spending. Oh, how silly could we get? Sure there are budget cuts in the new budget. But the legislature is not willing to cut the things that we are really wasting money on - like welfare, healthcare and education for illegials, and all the silly green initiatives and government subsidies for green and medical research. So instead of making real cuts that will solve our problems they resorted to accounting gimmicks.

They also decided to cancel a provision to raise revenue by allowing existing off shore platforms to drill new oil wells.

That is where things got hinky.

The new drilling off existing platforms near Santa Barbara was endorsed by the county's board of supervisors last year. Unfortunately this move was being opposed by the state environmentalists and 43% of the voters.

So the same group of people who have destroyed the farm industry in the central valley and a minority of the voters in the state don't want new drilling. So our state Senate voted with the majority in the state and passed the bill last week. But when the bill got to the Assembly things went sour.

Democratic Assembly Speaker Karen Bass claimed that there were only three democratic legislators willing to vote for this bill. So the bill was defeated 43 to 28.

Then, right after the State Assembly voted to NOT allow new revenue to be generated to try and help our state dig its way out of the hole they have spent us into, Democratic floor leader Alberto Torrico motioned for a vote to expunge the record of that vote from the public record. This motion was approved by voice vote.

That's right. We are 26 Billion dollars in debt. Our legislature just voted to deny a new revenue stream from the state. Then they voted to strike the record of that vote from the public record.

Not only are these clowns refusing to do their jobs and fix the ecconomics of this state, but they are now openly hiding what they do from us.

I asked this a while back and I'm going to ask it again. Why are these clowns not standing at home in their bathrooms trying to figure out how to wash tar and feathers out of their hair?

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