Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Intramural Golf Week 3

Tonight was the third week of our intramural golf league. I didn't write anything about the first two weeks because I'm trying to block them out of my memory. After the first two weeks my team was in dead last place. Granted, there are another 14 weeks to make up ground but we were definately off to a slow start.

Tonight was a much different night. Because our regular A-player is in Arkansas fishing and our sub is a D-player I was promoted from C to B player for the evening. The foursome I was golfing in all shot under a net-par round. My opponent, a 15 handicap, and I, a 22 handicap, shot -1 net. Unfortunately the way the strokes fell my opponent won the match one up. I had three different opportunities to win. All I needed to do was sink any one of three different 6 foot putts. I missed all three. None by more than 2 inches. It was frustrating. My match ended on a really sour note. I three putted the last green to halve that hole and lose my match. I hate three putting. I would rather hit a ball into the water off the tee than three putt a green.

My playing partner who is a 20 handicap was playing against a 6 handicap who shot an even par scratch 36 for the nine holes. Fortunately my partner had a great night. He shot 4 under par, net and won the match 3 and 2.

My partner won both his match and most of the best ball match. I contributed one point to the best ball, but he did most of the work.

Our C-D players had a good night also. They won 2.5 out of 3 points. The 4.5 points we won tonight was the first winning night of the season.

In addition to some fun golf, we had a beautiful evening. The temperature was around 90 at tee time but dropped quickly. The wind got a little carried away on a couple holes but for the most part, was just a nice cooling breeze.

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