Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sports Night

Tonight was sports night at my kid's school. We usually start off with a potluck dinner and then each coach hands out certificates, trophies, awards etc. to the athletes that played on their teams this last year.

I enjoy sports night because it gives me a chance to honor the kids who played volleyball for me this last year. I also hate sports night because I have to stand up in front of everyone and talk. I get nervous. Then I start rushing, then I forget what I'm going to say. To make matters worse I'm usually so proud of my players that I get all emotional trying to talk about them. Then I get all choked up and come off sounding silly.

Tonight was no exception. I was fine introducing my eighth grade team but by the time I was through introducing the 7th grade team I was getting choked up and misty and having a hard time telling everyone about their undefeated season and the player who won the tournament MVP award.

I had customized certificates and a collage of pictures of herself for each girl. I also made a copy of a DVD video I had made with all the pictures I had taken of the team this year. The school provides a small trophy for each athlete and I get to pass them out also. Unfortunately by the time I got through all that stuff I was getting so emotional that I forgot to give the girls the carnations I had for them.

The Principal covered for me and announced at the end of the ceremony that each of my volleyball players could come get one of the flowers.

It was a tough night. This years eighth graders started playing volleyball the same year I started coaching. They were my first team. It was hard to say goodbye to them tonight. The only comfort I could get was that I still have a fantastic group of 6th and 7th graders coming back for next year and some great fifth graders to add to the mix next year.

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