Sunday, June 25, 2006

Coming Home

I'm home again. I flew into Ontario Airport yesterday afternoon around 4:30. My cousin from Cypress graciously volunteered to pick me up and give me a ride home. This is a big sacrifice on his part. He (and his daughter) drove me three hours out into the high desert just to turn around and drive three hours home again.

It was nice to see them both, even if they couldn't stay and visit for a while.

My trip home started in Rapid City SD. Before Dad and I left Thursday morning we stopped by Mountain View Cemetery. I was taking pictures of family tombstones for my genealogy research. I also got a couple pictures of these two little fellows.


They were bedded down near one tombstone. When we got within about 15 feet they would dance away from us. They never went far from where mommy had put them. When we moved off they went right back to where they were told to wait. I wish I could get my kids to obey instructions as well as these two did.

Dad and I had a pleasant drive to Cheyenne. It takes about 5 hours to get from Rapid City to Cheyenne. But it took us a little over 6 hours. We took a few back roads to avoid the chip sealing that was taking place on the main highways. The back roads gave us the chance to see some nice high prairie scenery. We saw a lot of antelope. Many had babies. I tried to get some pictures but could never get the camera out before we had shot past the babies. So I had to settle for my deer fawn pictures.

I did get one good shot of this doe watching us pretty closely. There were a couple bucks with her, but as soon as our car stopped they bolted. She watched me for a few seconds then slowly just wandered off.


Eventually we got to Cheyenne around 10 PM. After some badly needed sleep I spent most of Friday running around Cheyenne taking care of business for Dad. I had several stops to make in order to get financial matters squared away. There were mutual funds and IRAs to get transferred over to Dad's name. We made a stop by the Social Security office. That experience is another story.

Once I got our running done, we joined a couple friends for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse Café. This is a new restaurant in Cheyenne and apparently doing really well. We had called ahead so our wait to get in was only about 10 minutes. The wait for people just stopping in was almost an hour. The food was good, the company better.

The next morning my Dad drove me to the airport in Denver where I caught my flight to Ontario.

On the drive home we had just merged off the I10 and onto Interstate 15 when we spotted this grass fire near the highway. It apparently hadn't been burning long as emergency crews were not on the scene yet.

freeway fire

It was a little scary driving past. The fire was billowing up over the guard rail on the south bound side of the highway. There was also smoke and flame pouring up between the two sides of the bridge we had to cross.

(For those of you who worry about such things we did not slow down and interfer with traffic in order for me to take pictures. I snapped a couple through the windshield as my cousin drove past. That is why I wasn't able to get a good shot of the fire rising up between the lanes.}

I finally got home about 6:30 last night. It was only 103 degrees then but I could tell it had been hot earlier in the day. The town just had that baked feeling about it. My dear wife tells me it was 110.

It’s good to be home. I’m hoping the warm dry desert air will clear up my sinuses a bit. They have been bothering me that last couple days and the congestion has moved from my ears to my throat. If my cough isn’t getting better by tomorrow I may have to stop by the doctor’s office.

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