Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Colts 29 - Bears 17

The superbowl XLI is changing names it's going to be called the Fum-bowl.

As I mentioned before, I've been a Bears fan for many years. So this game didn't go the way I would have liked. But don't worry I'm not on suicide watch or anything drastic. At least my Bears lost to a team that I don't hate.

I'm really glad to see Tony Dungy win a Superbowl. He did all the work down in Tampa Bay several years ago and then they brought in John Gruden to take all the credit. So it was nice to see a guy like Coach Dungy finally come out on top.

Of course the media is gushing all over Peyton Manning and blamming Rex Grossman for the Bear's woes. From what I saw, the Colts owe most of their win to their running game and their defense's ability to stop Chicago's running game.

This was not one of Rex Grossman's better games. But he didn't lose this game all by himself. Granted there was that one play in the fourth quarter where he pump faked in order to give the defender time to get open. But other than that, I would have to say this was definately a team loss.

Fortunately for me one of my friends who came over to watch the game is a long time Cubs fan. He taught me how to say "Wait until next year."

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