Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jumping Into The Fire

As I mentioned a couple postings ago my middle school volleyball season has just ended. My 8th grade team played their last game on Saturday, took home a championship trophy and then we all met on Sunday for a couple hours of pizza and volleyball – kids against their parents.

I don’t know what amazes me most, that the parents keep winning the volleyball games, or that so far we haven’t had to carry a parent out of the gym on a stretcher. OK, I’m not too surprised by the first part. If we called illegal hits on the parents they would only score off the player’s mistakes. But since we require the players to play clean and we let the parents get away with everything up to catching and throwing.

So I woke up this week, showered dressed and headed for work. Just like every other work day. The difference this week was that I didn’t leave work again at 2:30. I actually got to stay at work the whole day. It was awful. I didn’t remember what working all day felt like. I think I much prefer leaving early and going to coach volleyball. I think that eons long period of time between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM just about killed me. I didn’t think the day would ever end.

So the bubbling cauldron of activity which was my middle school volleyball season is over. So what should I do with all my free time now? I’m trying to decide between:
• clean my garage,
• clean my den,
• mow the grass,
• work on the partially completed patio,
• put away the Halloween decorations,
• pay some bills,
• start attending technology meetings at the school again,
• start talking to my wife again,
• find out how old my children are,
• reacquaint myself with my friends,
• get in a round of golf,
• be a regular on my bowling team,
• fix the back fence,
• get caught up on my genealogy research,
• update my personal website,
• move my blog over to my new hosting service,
• build the shed in the back yard I promised 6 months ago,
• get ready for my daughter’s club volleyball season,
• or ask my wife for her list of things I should do – I’m sure she has one, fed-ex delivered a pallet of paper to the house just last week.

Those are all very good ideas. I really should pick an even dozen of them, or so and get started right away.

- OR –

I could start my own volleyball club with a 14 and under team on it.



So that is what I did. I sent in the paperwork yesterday. So I am now the director of the Ridgecrest Starlings Volleyball Club. I am also the head coach of the 14 and under team.

I’m also the treasurer, board of directors, SCVA liaison, travel coordinator and janitor.

I have six girls committed to play right now and four more that are thinking about it. I also have four younger girls who are anxiously hoping that the four maybe players will turn down the offer so that they can play.

So if I’ve not been posting much lately it is because I have been busy. I had to finish up the middle school season, research starting a volleyball club, get the paperwork submitted, find 10 players and parents who would commit to a season of club ball and find a place to practice.

I also set up a website for my daughter’s volleyball club. You can check it out at Secret City Smashers Volleyball Club.

I set one up for my club at Ridgecrest Starlings Volleyball Club.

Now all I have to do is figure out when I’m going to get the chance to sleep…….

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Jayme said...

haha, this cracks me up because as I was reading the first part I was thinking... he should coach club. High school up here ended last saturday and in 2 days I'm heading to club volleyball tryouts. Yep, you could call it an obsession. I call it fun.

oh, and I plan on checking out your vball websites