Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shine a Laser in My Eyes - part 2

I have to make this quick, I'm not supposed to be using the computer or watching television. But at the moment my vision is fairly clear.

I showed up for my LASIK appointment yesterday. After some testing they determined that my cornea is right at the margin of being too thin to safely cut the flap and still reshape the cornea. So instead I had Custom PRK surgery instead.

Custom PRK is similar to LASIK except that instead of cutting a flap they use the laser to remove the epithelium, the protective surface of the cornea. Then they use the wavefront laser to reshape the cornea just like in LASIK surgery.

The main difference is recovery time. With PRK my eyes will take 3-5 days to recover. The epithelium grows back quickly but until it does I have to wear a contact lens bandage.

My vision if blurry and extremely light sensitive. The worst part is that both eyes feel like that contact lens bandage is made out of sandpaper. I have spent most of the day sitting in my living room with the lights off and my sunglasses on.

Speaking of which looking at this screen is starting to hurt so I'm turning it off now. To wrap up, I can still see, although not well enough to drive yet. It is going to improve, and I promise to write more later.

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