Monday, August 01, 2005

Blog Free Weekend

I suppose its about time that I get my nose out of a book and get back to my keyboard. I decided to have a blog free weekend.

One of my favorite pasttimes since I was in third grade has been to just sit and read. I read a lot these days, but its sporatic. Somedays I get in a couple hundred pages, other days I don't get in much more than 10-20 pages. I decided that I needed a weekend with a good book.

So other than dinner Saturday night with my in-laws (sister-in-law was in town) and a little lawn work I pretty much spent the weekend reading while some silly old movies played on the TV.

I don't really remember the movies, I was engrossed in the books.

Chaos and I had a minor competition going for a while. When the new Harry Potter book arrived two weekends ago my dear wife had first dibs on it. So to get ready, Chaos decided to re-read book 5 first.

I also wanted to re-read book 5 before I read book 6. Well my dear wife finished the Half Blood Prince (book 6) the same weekend it arrived. I was waiting for Chaos to finish book 5 so I could read it. Once Chaos figured out that her mother wasn't going to tell her anything about what was in book 6 she got serious and finished book 5 so she could start 6.

I was reading a different book so I wasn't able to start book 5 until Thursday evening. By this time, Chaos was half way through book 6. So we were had a minor contest going as to who was going to finish their book first.

She won. Chaos finished book 6 Saturday evening. I didn't get finished with book 5 until midday Sunday. I'm reading book 6 now. Both my dear wife and Chaos are anxiously waiting for me to finish so we can talk about it. They have been threatened with pain and torture worse than death if they give away any of the secrets before I get a chance to read them myself.

But I guess my reading weekend is over and its time to get back to work. I'll probably start using my lunch hours and evenings to watching the news, blogs and writing more here again.

So did anything happen over the weekend that I missed?

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