Saturday, August 06, 2005

Weekend in San Ramon

The twins have spent the last week in San Ramon with their Aunt and Uncle. So this weekend we had to drive up and pick them up.

We got in around midnight on thursday night. We slept in Friday morning. But since we were in the big city we decided to get up and get some shopping done. We still needed some back to school supplies plus my wife wanted to hit a couple crafts stores. The only place I had on my shopping list was Bay Books. A half priced book store that is just down the road aways from my sister-in-law's. I think the lightest load I ever walked out of there with was about 6 books. My haul this time was 9 books. Now I have something to keep me busy for at least 9 days. Hopefully a few more.

My brother-in-law and I got in a round of golf this afternoon. Not a bad round. I golfed much better than I did when we were here over Memorial Day.

I found out yesterday that our head coach for the volleyball team at school isn't going to be coaching this season. So I've been assigned the head coach's job and now I have to scare up another coach or two to replace him. Fortunately I have a couple moms who expressed an interest in coaching next year. So I'm going to see if I can recruit them a year early. My friend who is leaving will be really missed. We have worked well together the last couple years. Very rarely have we ever had to look at each other and ask "What the heck are you doing?" He's going to be tough to replace, but that's life.

Tomorrow is the boring 6 hour drive home on the I5. Then we have to start retraining our children. They just had a week with Auntie trying to spoil them rotten. Unfortunately for us she is just to good at her job.

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Drew Watts said...

It is great that you had such a fun weekend. I am also thinking to plan a small party at local venues this weekend and will invite all my near and dear ones, so that I can spend some quality time with them and make some beautiful memories.