Saturday, August 13, 2005

Misunderstanding Lutherans

Josh S over at Here We Stand was asking some pretty good questions about a resolution passed at the current ELCA National Convention.

He asked some pretty pointed questions about the apparent anti-semitism that seems to be rampant in many of today's evangelical congregations. But then with this one little sentence he stepped over the line:

Let's see, who's more informed about the Middle East...the guy with the direct line to the CIA and who gets daily briefings on the status of US interests abroad, or a bunch of clerics who sit around and drink weak coffee on Sunday morning while they teach people why the Bible doesn't matter?

The church that I was brought up in would consider those to be fighting words.

Lutherans do not drink weak coffee.

You can say what you want about the ELCA and our clerics. But you better not get uppity about our coffee. The coffee my pastor made for us in high school could be used to degrease engines, patch tires, and strip floor wax. Ahh, the fond memories of childhood.

The coffee served at our church is so good that my very Catholic Mother-in-law will go to events there just for the coffee.

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