Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Good Saturday

Today was a good Saturday. Actually it was a good day for any day of the week.

My day started with a three hour volleyball camp. We had a great turnout. Only one player wasn't able to make it. We had 15 ladies show up. We started out with about 30 minutes of conditioning. After we got them all dragging and tired we hit the court for about 2 hours of drills and skills. Then we finished up with a 30 minute scrimmage.

I'm really impressed with our players. The eighth grade is getting the hang of the 6-2 offense even though I'm still hoping that one of them will step up into the second setter spot. They still run the offense best with one of my seventh graders in the second setter spot. If I don't get one of the eighth graders to fill that spot in the next week I'm just going to get my all-star seventh graders to play both teams.

After camp and a quick lunch I took a short unintentinal nap for about an hour then headed for the golf course. My friend Scot and I had decided to get in a round. I really wasn't feeling up to it after the busy morning but figured that I had more time today then I would tomorrow.

I shot a 95. Which for a 26 handicap works out to about 3 strokes under par - net.

I had three birdies today. I have never had three birdies in a single round before. Unfortunately I also had three 8s to counter the three birdies. Now this isn't the first round that I shot three 8s in. Actually only 3 of them is pretty good considering some of the days I've had out there.

We started on the back nine because there was a foursome and a fivesome that got out the front ahead of us. I got my first birdie on the 12th hole. I was laying in the rough about 15 feet off the left front of the green. I took a couple practice swings then concentrated all my efforts on getting the chip into the air and heading at the pin. The ball jumped out of the rough cleaner than I expected and I immediately knew it was going to be long. I was hoping it would hit the pole because it was headed straight at it. Scot who what on the green looking at the chip from the side immediately saw that it was going to land near the cup and probably release well past it, yelled "Sit!" at the ball. Sit it did, the ball landed directly in the cup, no bounce and no roll. Nothing but cup.

My next two birdies were on the first and seventh holes. Both par 5s. I made a good chip from the rough on one to about 2 feet from the pin. And made the putt for my four. On seven I actually played the fairway for my first two shots, then stuck my approach shot in about 7 feet from the pin. A nice straight downhill seven footer for my third birdie of the day.

I spent the evening watching TV with my dear wife and kids.

I was a good Saturday.

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