Thursday, August 25, 2005

Michael Yon : Online Magazine

I've mentioned him before and I'm going to do it again.

If you aren't reading Michael Yon's : Online Magaizine reports from Iraq you are missing a lot.

They are informative, interesting and educational. Just today I learned what the universal signal for stop is:

The Kiowa swooped and banked hard in front of the car, firing three more shots through the front hood, the universal sign for "stop."

His newest article has a blow by blow, shot for shot description of an urban gun fight that ends with the wounding of two U.S. Soldiers and the recapture of a terrorist:

The terrorist turned out to be one Khalid Jasim Nohe, who had first been captured by US forces (2-8 FA) on 21 December, the same day a large bomb exploded in the dining facility on this base and killed 22 people.

That December day, Khalid Jasim Nohe and two compatriots tried to evade US soldiers from 2-8 FA, but the soldiers managed to stop the fleeing car. Then one of the suspects tried to wrestle a weapon from a soldier before all three were detained. They were armed with a sniper rifle, an AK, pistols, a silencer, explosives and other weapons, and had in their possession photographs of US bases, including a map of this base.

That was in December.

About two weeks ago, word came that Nohe's case had been dismissed by a judge on 7 August. The Coalition was livid. According to American officers, solid cases are continually dismissed without apparent cause. Whatever the reason, the result was that less than two weeks after his release from Abu Ghraib, Nohe was back in Mosul shooting at American soldiers.

It's bad enough that our troops are over there capturing and stopping terrorists but that they have to fight them more than once is ridiculus. Why is an animal who was captured running from a US base with weapons, explosives, and maps of the base being let loose to shoot American heros like LTC Kurilla.

Read this and Michael's other reports.

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