Friday, November 04, 2005

The 13 Year Olds Are Taking Over

Tonight is my oldest daughter's birthday party. Her birthday was actually over a week ago but with the out of town volleyball tournament last weekend she had to put the party off until tonight.

So about 5 PM this evening the number of teenagers in our house suddenly increased by 700 percent.

This evening has been loud, full of giggles, and a blast to watch. I usually see these girls only at school or volleyball. So it was really fun to see them just having fun together. So far they have played Ghost in the Graveyard, which is a version of hide and seek that involves one person hiding and everyone else looking for them. Once the ghost is spotted everyone has to run for base. If the ghost tags someone then they are it. The offical method of communication for this game is screaming. The game has one flaw - everyone wants to be it.

After dinner they played some statue games, charades, dressed up with the wrapping paper from the presents and worked on their giggling.

Right now they are settled down and watching movies. Which is good, this way the neighbors might be able to get some sleep this evening.

Well it's time for me to disappear for a while and let them have some time without a parent hanging around. So far the house is still standing and structurally sound. Lets all hope it is still that way in the morning.

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