Thursday, November 10, 2005

San Franciscians Violate US Constitution

On tuesday voters in the city of San Francisco voted for a new gun ban that prohibits the manufacture and sale of all firearms and ammunition in the city. The new ban also makes it illegal for residents to keep handguns in their homes or businesses.

In addition the voters in San Francisco also voted in an Antimilitary measure that attempts to keep military recruiters off college campuses. The bill wouldn't ban military recruiters since that might put schools at risk of losing federal funding.

The measure encourages city officials and university administrators to exclude recruiters and create scholarships and training programs that would reduce the military's appeal to young adults.

So what these two measures boil down to is that 58% of the voters in San Francisco decided that since they were willing to give up their constitutional right to bear arms that everyone else in their city has to give up their constitutional rights also.

They have also sent a message to the criminals in the city that if you chose to commit a violent crime in their fair city the only people who will be able to stop you are the police, and other criminals. After all they will be the only ones in the city allowed to protect themselves.

Lastly they have decided to spend a lot of tax payer money developing scholarships and training programs designed to convince students not to get interested in joining the military.

I guess the voters in San Francisco don't trust high school and college students to be mature enough to make up their own minds about their career choices. Which is ironic because they also voted to defeat a state measure that would have required underage girls to have their parents notified if they were going to have an abortion. So children in San Francisco can decide on their own to have abortions, but they can't be trusted to make their own decisions concerning their careers.

Normally I wouldn't worry too much about a city in California passing some reactionary laws like these. Afterall most ballot initiatives that are passed by the voters in California get overturned by some reactionary judge in San Francisco. But since these measures were passed in San Franciso I'm not sure where they are going to find a judge willing to overturn these measures.

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