Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Did Bush Lie?--Just Google It

Bryan Preston from Junk Yard Blog has a posting on Michelle Malkin's Blog. Bryan, among others is getting tired of the left trying to sell us on the lie that Bush lied. This is especially objectionable since there is so much proof out there that the politicians who are now claiming that they were misled knew exactly what they were voting for when they voted for the war in Iraq.

The latest buzz phrase in the blogoshpere is "Just Google It!" So here is a link to click on to see for yourself if President Bush lied about pre-war intellegence on Iraq. Bryan wants us to spread this around and trackback to see how far it spreads. So I'm just doing my part.


The link to the search is:


Bryan encourages us to swipe his graphic and use it with one small restriction:
Don't hotlink it, but feel free to swipe it and post it on your own bandwidth.
Sounds like a good idea to me.

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anotherrctransplant said...

Thanks for chipping in. Nice to see the "Just Google It" drive find its way to the Gateway to Death (Valley).