Sunday, November 06, 2005

Horror Movie Night

Last night was Horror Movie Night at my oldest child's Middle School. They watched Jaws and The Birds. This was a first time event and seemed like it went over pretty well. Good turnout. It was a little tough to plan. The ages of the kids ranged from 11 to 13 so we had to be rather picky about which movies we watched.

All the really good scary movies have always been rated R or occasionally PG-13. We were trying to keep the selections to PG. Which made the selection limited. Several kids with coaching from their parents submitted lists of movie suggestions and then the class voted on which two to watch. Both movies picked were on my suggestion list.

I was recruited on Friday night to help out as one of the adult chaparones. The middle school teacher who was managing things needed one more adult and knew that as the volleyball coach I had the two requirements she needed for this event. I had all my paperwork and fingerprints on file in the office, and I have proven the I can spend several hours with a room full of these middleschool kids without killing any of them.

The night went well. Most of the kids thought Jaws was pretty funny. Which just goes to show how movies have change the last couple decades. When I saw Jaws in the theaters it was pretty intense and scary. Kids these days see it has hokey and silly. To them the shark is very fake looking.

After a pizza and soda break we started The Birds. The kids were bored with the first hour of the movie. But by the time it ended most of them were rather freaked out. The two who went home with me walked out to the car, looking into the sky and over their shoulders to see if there were any birds lurking around.

I can't wait to see what their reaction is the first time they drive by a mess of crows sitting on fence here in town. We have a lot of crows around here and the scenes with the crows in them were the ones that seemed to disturb the kids the most. I guess they could relate to the crows. Being the desert, we don't see alot of seagulls around here so flocks of them attacking people didn't register too much on them.

Everyone seemed to have fun. When we left the teacher and a couple kids were already talking about doing a Christmas version of Movie Night during the holidays.

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