Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pitiful TPing

(This was written on June 18th.)

Last night was my Nephews Graduation Night. After the graduation ceremony the whole family came back to my sister’s house for dinner and to watch my nephew open his gifts. He got some great stuff. My father and I teamed up to get him a 60GB iPod. His parents got him a sweet Canon Rebel XT digital camera. His Aunt (my other sister) got him a lemonade stand so he has a career all lined up now. His parents also got him a 50 foot fish tape. This gift has apparently been making the rounds among their family for a couple years now.

After the gifts were opened my Nephew and his sister and two other cousins all headed out for a party. They intended to be out all night.

When we awoke this morning we found out that my sister’s house had been the target of a TP attack. For those of you living under a rock, a TP attack is when a bunch of unruly youths string rolls of toilet paper all over your house, trees and cars.

This was the sorriest excuse for a TP attack I have ever seen. The kids showed up with about 20 rolls of toilet paper. All of it in sealed 4 roll packs. When they finished TPing the house there were 3 unopened packs and one pack with only one roll missing laying in the driveway. Of the 5 rolls that they did try to use 3 of them were laying around almost intact.


This whole episode just makes me sick. If this generation is tomorrow’s leaders then we are really in trouble. Where is the pride of workmanship? Where is the determination to finish the job? Where is the dedication to duty?

In my day we would have never left a job like this. We knew how to TP a house then. None of this leaving unopened rolls of TP lying around. Where are the TP covered trees and the car so wrapped up that you can’t see it? Where are the hundreds of streams of TP obscuring the front of the house?

Kids these days! You can’t depend on them for anything!

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Anonymous said...

Check out this humorous video on how to TP:

The Art of TPing or How to Gift Wrap a House