Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All Ernesto All The Time

I was flipping through the various news channels this morning but apparently there is nothing going on in the world today except tropical storm Ernesto.

That's right folks Tropical Storm Ernesto!

According to the news channels Ernesto is "storming" ashore. It is also "slamming" into Florida. Ernesto and it's sustained winds of 45 mph is expected to dump 10 inches of rain on Florida before it passes on.

Excuse me? 45 mph and 10 inches of rain? 45 mph winds don't slam or or storm anywhere. 45 mph winds just move a lot of sand around. When the wind reaches 45 mph around here it doesn't even make the local news. At 45 mph the sand that blows around in the wind here won't even start peeling exposed skin off your body. It might abrade exposed skin turning it a little red and sore.

We could not handle 10 inches of rain very well here in the desert. But this storm is hitting south Florida. If they are not equiped to handle 10 inches of rain or 45 mph winds then it is time for them to move to a mountainous area. We don't want them here, we already have too many people living here that panic when water starts falling from the sky.

Fox News just said that the Broward County officials are worried that since this storm is turning out to be just a lot a rain that many folks will take a cry wolf attitude and won't take the next storm warning seriously.

Gee maybe the people there will take a "cry wolf attitude" because you are crying wolf!

Why is this tropical storm being covered on any channel other than the weather channel?

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